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Get German Insurance That Works For You

Having insurance that works for you is incredibly important. Simplified terms and quick claims are two of the most valuable aspects to look for when searching for an insurance provider. Taking the time to research different policies and providers can save a lot of headaches in the long run. Keeping these tips in mind will help you find an insurer that fits your needs perfectly so that you can rest easy knowing your property, health, and life are protected if ever disaster strikes.

BARMER public health insurance

With around nine million members, BARMER is one of the largest public health insurance providers in Germany and offers high-quality, innovative medical care and works hard to make the country's health care system even better.

Expat health insurance

For those who have recently moved to Germany. This type of insurance is accepted at the visa office and will cover the user for a maximum of five years. The customer can cancel at any time and easily switch to public health insurance if they find a job.

Public health insurance

Excellent coverage which includes cover care for pre-existing conditions and dependent family members. For salaried employees (from anywhere) or self-employed people (from other EU countries).

Private health insurance

Excellent coverage for salaried employees (earning over around €65,000/year) or self-employed people with high income. This type of policy is often much less expensive than public health insurance and includes better access to cutting-edge procedures and specialist doctors.

Dental insurance

When it comes to dental treatments, public insurance generally covers the bare minimum—while patients are entitled to dental check—ups, they generally need to pay out of pocket for things like cleanings, high–quality fillings, and tooth replacement. With supplementary dental insurance, you'll have access to the best treatments at any time.

Life insurance

Life insurance covers those you care about in the event of your death. This can be a partner, a child or a relative that is financially dependent on you.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance acts as an income buffer if you're no longer able to work. The most common reasons for the unexpected loss of employment we see are illness, accidents, and even burnout.

Dog liability insurance

From only €5.58/month, Feather's dog liability insurance pays for damage that one's dog might cause to third parties or their belongings. Mandatory for dog owners in certain regions of Germany and greater Europe, Feather's dog liability insurance meets all local legal requirements.

Personal liability insurance

Covers you in case you cause damage to someone's person or property. A no-brainer for everyone living in Germany. Only €4 per month.

Household contents insurance

Covers the items (i.e. electronics, furniture, other valuables) in someone's flat from theft, fire, or disaster.

Bike insurance

The household contents insurance usually only insures your bike against burglary from your apartment, house or garage. With our bike insurance you protect your bike against theft and damage without a "night time clause" and local restrictions.

Legal insurance

Covers legal fees in case of disputes. Free lawyer consultation is included with the membership.

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