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What is the basic requirement for German language jobs?

-B1 is the basic eligibility criteria if the candidate are looking for jobs. Some companies need B2 level too.

Are there placements too?

- Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance; we invite many companies for campus placements.

What is the time period of a single level of German language?

- There are three types of courses:
1. Fast Track : 1 Month each,
2. Super Intensive : 2 Months each,
3. Weekend : 3 Months each.

Shall I need to learn English language first in order to learn German language?

- No, its not mandatory to learn English in order to learn German language.

Do you teach any other languages too?

- We are exclusively for German language and foreign language institute is Rajasthan’s leading German language institute.

When new batches are going to start?

- Our new batches starts on every 1st and 16th of every Month.

Are there any job opportunities for A2 level candidates?

-Standard requirement for job in Germany or German MNC’s in India is B1 level.

What is the standard package for B1 passed candidates in MNC’s?

-Package starts from 3.25 Lakh per Annum for 12th or Graduate + B1 and 4.5 Lakh onwards per Annum for 12th or Graduate + Experience + B1 or B2.

What is the duration of each level in German language?

-In Foreign language studio duration of each level is standard which is 2months each, for more details please click on the link http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/german-courses.

What is the duration of a class?

- Class consist of 90 to 120 min each.

What are the future opportunities after learning German language?

- There are infinite opportunities for more details visit following link.

What is the fees for A1,A2 and B1 level?

- Information regarding fees please contact on these no’s – 7891790900(Gopalpura center), 7891590900 (Vaishali center) for other locations - 9928433113

Is there German native faculty?

- Foreign language studio is the only German language institute in Jaipur where German native faculty is available

What kind of jobs are there in German language?

- There are infinite job opportunities in German language for more details please visit following link

15) Is your certificate is valid for jobs in MNC’s?


Do you provide help regarding placements in MNC’s ?

- Yes, we offer 100% assistance to German language candidates. We invite many MNC’s for placements at our institute and also offer free interviews classes for our students.

Which language is best for jobs?

- For jobs very first preferred language is German language followed by Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish. In future German language has more opportunities in respect of jobs and higher education.

Are there any early morning and evening classes?

- Yes, the timing of Foreign language studio is 8am to 8pm, for more info please visit - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/german-courses

Does your institute provide placements too?

- Yes, we offer 100% placement assistance. We invite German MNC’s for recruitment.

Do you also teach advance English?

- No, we are exclusively for German language.

When is the next hiring for German language?

- We invite German MNC’s every month for more info please contact on these numbers – 7891790900, 7891590900, 9928433113 (WhatsApp)

What is the fees and time period for learning German language?

- We have regular and customized courses to in detail contact us - 7891790900, 7891590900, 9928433113 (WhatsApp)

What is the minimum package?

- For fresher package stars from 3lakh per annum, there no such bar for qualified candidates

I want to know about the new batches?

- We start new batches every 1st and 16th of every month.

Do I need to complete my degree along with the language certification to get the job?

- Graduation is not compulsory in order to get the job but if candidate is graduated then the candidate has better options for future.

Is it guaranteed that I will get the job?

- Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance

What are the companies you provide placements in?

- BPO, KPO and technical companies.

Study abroad
What is the minimum German language requirement if I want to study in Germany?

- A1 level is minimum require to get the visa. B1 is mandatory in order to work in Germany along with studies. TestDaf/ C1 is compulsory to study in Germany in German medium.

Do you guys also help regarding study in Germany?

- Yes, we offer two types of consultancy services; the basic consultancy is completely free. For more detail about VISA and other admission process please visit following links - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/study-in-germany , or watch short video on study in Germany - https://youtu.be/l3bUw0_PpF8

Do you guys also guide through the process for admission in German universities?

- Yes, we guide our students through the process. For more detail please visit following links - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/study-in-germany , or watch short video on study in Germany - https://youtu.be/l3bUw0_PpF8

Does German language helps in admission process?

- Yes, German language is mandatory in order to get the admission in German university

Can I work along with my studies in Germany?

- Yes, one can work along with his/her studies but to the get the job B1 level is compulsory

Does your institute provide scholarships?

- Yes, we offer scholarships for German courses, for more details visit - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/gns-german-scholarship.

What are the basic requirements for admission in German universities?

- The basic required level is B1 level

Should I start my part time job right after taking admission in the university?

- Yes , one can start working immediately after taking admission in the German university.

When shall I apply for visa?

- Start your VISA process just after you get your acceptance letter from the university.

Do I need IELTS/TOFFEL score?

- Most of the universities require IELTS/TOFFEL but every university has its own requirements.

In which bank do I need to open an account?

- Deutsche Bank and Kotak Mahindra

How amount is needed to create a Block account?

- You will have to deposit a minimum of EURO 8640,- in a blocked account in a bank in Germany and you can only withdraw a maximum of EURO 720,- per month. Check the exact amount from GERMAN EMBASSY for more details visit - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/study-in-germany

What are the types of VISA and document required for VISA process?

- Regarding these information please visit - http://www.german.gnsgroup.in/study-in-germany


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